VBTheory Calculator – A unique Visual Basic coded Calculator 

By  Nitesh Kunnath

Recently, I have come across this calculator – VBTheory Calculator developed by VBTheory. Something about this calculator got hold of my interest and I just thought to share with you guys. Make sure you give it a try for this app to experience its real perspective.

It hold lots of cool features, and let me state some of them:
-Performs ordinary calculation with up to 28 digits
-User friendly interface
-Save history for future use
-Built-in trigonometry
-Easy-to-use units converter with 40+ units
-Includes memory functions with more than one number
-Performs power and root with whatever value you want
-It has keyboard shortcuts which makes calculations a lot easier
-Supports three languages (English, French and Norwegian)
-Flexible due to its various options
-Easy update manager for easy, secure and fast updates

I had a word with the developer, VBTheory, and he did confirm that the calculator will get regular updates which will bring more functions to it and will work upon as per the user requirement and suggestions. The App will also get more language support sooner.

You can download this calculator from here: Download

Also visit this developer’s YouTube channel, where he publishes some free Visual Basic Tutorials : VBTheory Youtube Channel

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