Strontium 16GB Class 10 microSD Card – Review 

By  Muathaz

Singapore-based Strontium offers a wide range of memory products ranging from Memory Modules to USB Flash Drives. Here, we are going to review Strontium 16GB Class 10 MicroSD Card which claims to offer a minimum transfer speed of 10Mb/s. It is also available in a 32GB version.

Strontium Class 10 microSD


After a long time, Strontium microSD Cards got a face lift in 2013 changing the color of the body from full Black to Yellow and Black with a Red Strontium logo on the Yellow part. The new face lift looks a lot better than the full Black one in my opinion.

Strontium 16GB class10 microSD memory card

But who cares about its appearance when it’s hiding inside the device? Lets checkout how it performs!


The main reason to choose a Flash Card with higher Classes is the transfer speeds. While a Class 4 Card will be sufficient for a low-end camera or a phone without Full HD recording, it’s very important to choose the best performing card if you’re going to use it with a high-end phone which supports Full HD recording and gaming.

I tested it with a Samsung Galaxy S3 using two different apps – SD Tools and A1 SD Bench and to ensure the correct speeds. Below are the screenshots of the same:

Strontium 16GB class10 microSD - SD Tools
SD Tools Android application results
Strontium 16GB class10 microSD - A1 SD bench
A1 SD bench android app results

On the second picture(which is A1 SD Bench app), you might notice a weird thing where its read speed is less than the write speed, but it’s actually not. It seems to be a bug of the app.

While the speeds are not comparable to other Class 10 microSDs, it is not bad for the price it asks. A Samsung Class 10 microSD can easily attain these speeds, but the price for which it retails is same as of the Strontium’s Class 10 microSD.

Here is an image of the speed of a Samsung Class 6 microSD Card:

Samsung Class6 MicroSD Card - SDTOOLS

Bottom Line

The Strontium Class 10 microSD Card offers speeds equal to a Class 6 microSD, and the price it asks is fair. I recommend this product to those who’re looking for a good microSD card to use with a mid-range phones or tablets.

Strontium 16GB Class 10 microSD Card








Value for money



  • No performance lag
  • Durability
  • Class 10


  • Speed comparable to Samsung class 6 microSD

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