Samsung Galaxy – Introduction

With high tech devices such as tablets which are perfect blend of smart-phones, there are screens which is larger than smart-phones and also which builds lighter than laptops and personal computers where these are also known as smart on-the-go entertainers. Thus these devices now become popular among students for education as well as professionals for business or work related tasks.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the one which is available at all four major wireless carriers and with Android -based Galaxy Tab, which is the first tablet challenger who makes waves in the early adopter community where it is to find that the first tablet is to run at Google’s mobile operating system called Android. Thus to make a note of the debate in tech community which is iTab or Tab and thence by putting the powerful technology within the hands of pioneers, it is decided that the demand is more with those of innovative feature.

Seven reasons for purchasing tablet – Samsung Galaxy Tab:

The Samsung Galaxy Tab makes a wave in the early adopter community might not be the first tablet which runs Google’s Mobile Operating System, Android,  with the most significant one being come from an industry giant like Samsung.  These are some of the reasons to look for while purchasing tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  1. Portability: The first and foremost thing is the one which needs to consider by iPad owners’ notice is about the Apple tablet wherein which the nature of tablets, is not the one which is easy to do. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a lot smaller than the iPad and hence lesser the screen size is to view for viewing movies or pictures, is for carrying the device a whole lot easier.


  1. Flash: There is an argument which was rolling out over Adobe Flash vs HTML 5 comparatively, which in fact with the lack of Flash on my iPad is the one who can live personally with. Thus to make sure it is to note that in order not to yell or scream if there is any job which gets over his ridiculous ego and the need for vengeance is by enabling Flash on Apple devices. Hence the tab runs Flash which also has one to carefully note that there is an experience of choppiness to be provided on Android phones which is supposedly supports Flash as well. Thus if the tab does Flash it does well, at least according to the initial reviews.


  1. Camera: One has to make an absolute note that there is no one to debate for if the iPad 2 has at least one camera. Thus, most of the people claim about Apple for only one reason is that about the current iPad which does not have a camera and one can add it to the next one and also sell millions. The lack of a camera on a tablet thus is like the lack of Copy and Paste on a smartphone. Well the Galaxy Tab does have a camera, and quite a nice one. At 3 MP, auto focus and an LED flash, this is to note that there is an absolute deal breaker or decision maker for someone who has tablet market.


  1. Video Calling: One must note about the imagination of having a vast experience about how one has to be able to do a video call from the iPad. With vibrant screen at once, the impressive depth, and the overall experience does has the iPad, providing by yelling video calls. Yet, one has to remember that Apple by any chance is left by any instance of a camera lens out of their debut into the tablet market which sucks. Thus knowing about the Samsung Galaxy Tab which has a front facing 1.3 MP camera on par with the top of the webcam adds a serious advantage to the Tab over the iPad.


  1. Video Formats: Apple has launched and approved the VLC Media Player for the iPad and the Tab’s ability to support all video codecs have had something to do with Apple’s sudden change of heart. While the iPad now supports different video formats such as AVI and others using VLC, the Galaxy Tab does it out of the box. Thus in order to note about being fair, the experience of watching a full length movie on a 7-inch screen cannot be compared to a 9.7 inch with the tab having the flexibility coming to video playback is another big advantage.


  1. SD Slot: With the usage of memory cards it is to note that, this is getting bigger and bigger. Having the highest SD storage is now 32 GBs which means that combined with on-board storage of 16 GB or 32 GB and hence the Tab maxes out at 64GB. Thus I assume it personally owning a 64GB iPad is where I am going with? At present, the iPad has more storage than the Tab and it will not be long before a 64GB Micro SD card which is released, then a 128 GB etc. It is also unsure about the support of these higher capacity cards, assuming it will have the 64GB iPad and also to surpass in storage capacity very soon. The important thing here is about the storage capacity which enumerates not the actual number of GBs. Hence it is also to make sure about to note is that with the ability to adjust the device’s storage capacity of an external card is with something Apple never does.


  1. Wide Screen Ratio: Apple iPad has announced it has 4:3 ratios opposing to 16:9 and with the web video industry definitely making widescreen videos with standard having as such means one has fun black lines while watching a video on the iPad. Buy this exciting mobile at amazing price by using snapdeal coupons.


With my opinion coming to an end of the conclusion it is to note that the Samsung Galaxy Tab allows one to scale with the full screen view and the tab has a look of widescreen making it more like an enlarged smart-phone with good things.  Since we all are pretty much used to smart-phones, some examples about the widescreen tab comes in handy is by opening two tabs simultaneously with eBooks, word processing files, and many others as such.

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