Protect Your Privacy With New Encryption Software


Digital communication has completely revolutionized how companies do business, and in many ways it has made it easier than ever before for companies of all sizes to attract customers, broadcast their brands, and compete internationally.

But electronic tools like email and file hosting have also created new and dangerous liabilities for companies that are not sufficiently careful about protecting their internal and external communications. Every day, new forms of malicious spyware and malware are unleashed on the Internet, and the most recent estimates suggest that cyber crime now costs businesses worldwide as much as $600 billion USD every year.

New Communication Tools Are Key To Fighting Cyber Crime

As public awareness of these dangers has grown, more and more businesses and individuals have realized that they need to adopt cutting-edge tech security tools if they want to ensure that their private messages stay private.  This has led to a booming market for cyber security solutions, and companies that want to protect their digital communications now have a wide range of options available to them. But the only way to really guarantee secure end-to-end communications is by using encryption software.

Unlike many other security tools, which are designed to keep third parties from gaining access to servers or email accounts, encryption guarantees that even if hackers make it into the server, they won’t be able to read what they find. Encryption uses sophisticated algorithms and unique digital keys to ensure that only the intended reader of a message can see it in its unencrypted form. This means that even the most talented hackers won’t be able to gain access to private information.

But not all encryption software providers offer the same levels of service and security. Encryption technology is constantly evolving to meet new threats, and encryption providers are also updating their services to better meet customer needs.

Choosing The Right Encryption Provider For Your Business

For example, companies like ChatMail Secure have created much improved encryption solutions capable of delivering vital applications like encrypted chat, image, and voice messaging. Because ChatMail uses multiple levels of encryption, users can interact with contacts using a number of different encryption protocols, while always defaulting to the most advanced.



ChatMail’s protocol also allows for a variety of minimum message expiration options, which ensures that messages are not stored for longer than absolutely necessary. This means that users don’t need to worry about where messages sent to and from the phone are sent, because they will delete automatically within a matter of minutes or days, depending on the settings they and their contacts have chosen.

As the Internet fundamentally reshapes how people do everything from handle their personal banking to negotiate deals clients and colleagues overseas, the question of privacy rights online is only becoming more complex. The one thing that seems absolutely certain is that if information is being sent via email or text, there is a good chance a third party has access to it.

For individuals and businesses that need to ensure the greatest possibility privacy protections, encryption software that incorporates the most powerful and sophisticated algorithms available is the only way to guarantee online confidentiality. The good news is that with the latest encryption tools, it is possible to do this without jeopardizing functionality.

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