Nokia Zeta Leaked 

By  Nitesh Kunnath

Now really Symbian Isnt Dying Though Inferior Series Of Symbian i.e; Symbian^1(aka S60v5),Symbian^2 are Dying but Nokia seems to be very promising towards the development of Symbian .I bet that’s the point of these leaks. To show the world that new and exciting Symbian devices are on the way. Or something like that.

So here’s the thing. The upcoming Symbian smartphone has been leaked. And with the Nokia N5 we saw recently

It looks like Nokia is seriously considering changing its naming convention for smartphones yet again. The new phones may not belong to any ‘series’ (such as N, C, X, or E), but have names made entirely out of numbers, old-Nokia style. Only three numbers, not four. So that you’d be able to tell a smartphone (three numbers) from a non-smartphone (four numbers), I guess.

First up, we have the Nokia 700, or Zeta. T. Here they are:

Nokia Zeta Leaked
Nokia Zeta Leaked
Nokia Zeta Leaked

The Nokia 700 will have a 1 GHz processor, will come with a 3.2-inch 360×640 AMOLED touchscreen, a 5 MP camera with LED flash, NFC support, and an FM radio. The Zeta will be just 8.8 mm thick, and its recommended retail price will be around €290. Nokia proudly boasts (see below) that this will be the thinnest smartphone ever, but let’s wait for the next iPhone to be unveiled and we’ll see about that. And the tipster who sent the photos above claims that the device’s thickness will be 10mm, so maybe things are still fluid regarding this design. It will also be quite a light phone at around 80 grams, and have a 1080 mAh battery. The Nokia 700 will run Symbian Belle, the next iteration of the OS to follow Anna.

With itz pace of Development Nokia is gonna catchup with Other OS’s very soon.

I love Nokia and Itz gonna live till eternity. 8)
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