Nokia Concept Phone that’s not afraid to mess with water 

By  Aryacooldude

Nokia Concept Phone

This Nokia Concept Phone is a blow to tactile feedback Technology. It pumps a layer of water just beneath the 4.5inch screen to give ur touch the awesomeness. The elegance of this phone is undefinable. So if Nokia gonna throw this design into the market, I see hardly any Competitors out there fighting this Hybrid design.

Among the grievous wrongs done by touchscreen technology, the worst is its disregard for tactile feedback. Without the pleasant sensation of a button being pressed, we are woefully incapable of using any gadget without complete visual attention. This Nokia concept tries to right this wrong by using a small pump to fill a substrate beneath the screen that gives our fingers something to feel and press. Maybe now I can finally type out these posts while driving to work without having to put my coffee in the cupholder.

Some more Pictures below:


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