How do I recover deleted files by EaseUS Data Recovery

Eu data backup

According to an analysis organized by Forbes 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being created every day as a whole across the globe. But the rate of data creation is increasing exponentially with the rapid growth of IoT. It is a shocking fact that 90% of the world’s data is created in the last two years.


Eu data backup

So, with this enormous growth of data, managing data loss has become a prerequisite. Hence, to accomplish the task of data recovery the EaseUS developer’s team have succeeded in developing the most efficient data recovery software named “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard”. The “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard” is built in such a way that it can recover any sort of data either from PC’s, laptops, cameras or any other removable devices.

Working of EaseUS Data Recovery software


If a delete operation is performed on any data then it is probably present in Recycle bin and can be recovered easily. The real problem arises when the file is permanently deleted from Recycle bin or using Shift+ delete option. However, the erased file is stored in hard drive until it is overwritten by any other data. Any recovery software extracts those data from hard drive and restores it to the system as before.

Using the Ease US wizard is simple and most convenient, all you have to do is install it and search for the file that you need to be restored. It will scan the overall data of the system as well as the hard drive. The file will be displayed only if it is in hard drive and is not overwritten by some other data. You can restore it easily to any folder you want from the software itself.

Benefits of EaseUS Data Recovery software


  • The EaseUS software is available for any operating system like Windows, Mac, Ios, Android, etc. and it can also be used for email recoveries.   


    • It provides free data recovery software using which you can recover 2 GB of data without any restrictions or payment.


  • This particular recovery software is 100% secure and completely free to install. Along with 14 years of experience in the market,this software has a long line up of 72,000,000 satisfied users.


  • The EaseUS recovery software is completely user-friendly and can be operated very easily. It is yet very fast and simple; any kind of data recovery through the software doesn’t take long processing. You can finish the recovery just using three clicks.
  • The software makes itself compatible to different user situations if there are an emergency and urgent need of data recovery you can use the “quick scan – option” in any other general case you can go with the “deep scan – option”.
  • Any type of data loss due to partition that either is lost partition data or RAW partition data can always be brought back to you with this software.

Additional options and features

After the scan is completed automatically by the software, it will present all the files that are deleted permanently and you can choose the required file that you need to restore. It can recover more than a thousand types of files and the working process takes less time with its feasible features which are quite handy. Before the recovery process gets initialized, you can get a preview for the file that needs to be recovered. Ease US Data recovery software is the one and only software which such feasible and user-friendly features.

Apart from the free data recovery software version, there are also two paid versions of EaseUS software they are pro and technician versions they provide additional benefits to users like unlimited data recovery, thirty-day money back guarantee and free tech support.

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