iSkysoft PDF Converter license Giveaway

iSkysoft PDF Converter license

We at Gizmolord are happy to Announce our 7th Giveaway with Sponsorship with iSkysoft. We are happy to avail our readers and members with a state of the art program that is quite a Level-Up from Adobe Acrobat! Its Offers Fast,Efficient and a Variety of Options and Functions to help with Business and Personal Document Management and Conversion! Giveaway includes …

Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 License Giveaway

Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 Licence Giveaway

We at GizmoLord in sponsorship with Bitdefender is glad to launch our 6th Giveaway for our fellow readers and members. Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 is the acknowledged Antivirus of the Year. With a non-intrusive and extremely fast scanning technology, it offers enhanced silent security against e-threats.

3CX Mobile Device Manager-Control & secure your smartphone

3CX Mobile Device Manager - GizmoLord

3CX Mobile Device Manager : Since smartphones started getting more and more smarter, the risks and complications associated with the use of them also increased drastically. Today, smartphones are acting as the center of all personal and business communications. Business people have started using mobile devices for storing, sharing and even processing confidential data. Even if you are using your …

Busting the Windows 8 myths

Windows 8 logo

There’s been a lot happening with Windows since I last wrote here. Julie Green, Windows Blue and every single hue. Okay, that was just done for the sake of rhyme 😀 Anyway, coming to the main point, I’m very disappointed with the stupid posts hovering around the internet which are apparently spoiling Microsoft’s name. It’s all crap. I’ll start busting …

Why is Microsoft not supporting App store developers ?

Windows 8 applications - GizmoLord

With the sudden rise in popularity of Windows 8 and Windows Phone OS, the number of Metro apps users has grown exponentially and many of the Mobile apps developers want to develop apps for this new lucrative platform,But Microsoft doesn’t share their thoughts and seems intent on shooing the developers away from app store development, and believe me, if the developers …

8 Good Reasons Why You Should Switch to Windows 8

Windows 8

The next world-changing version of Microsoft’s operating system is due to hit the market on October 26th. Assuming that you are happy with your current Windows XP or Windows 7 operating system, the following eight reasons are enough to make you switch to the Windows 8.

Troubleshooting Webcam Connection Issue on Live Messenger

Troubleshooting Webcam Connection Issue on Live Messenger

Webcam Connection Issue on Live Messenger My son stays hundred miles away from me. So, I don’t have the option to talk to him anytime I feel like. But fortunately I have the facility of web chat on my PC. As you know, laptops are equipped with webcams with the help of which you can view your near and dear …

Windows 8 RTM build 9200 China leak appeared to be Fake| GizmoLord

Windows 8 RTM build 9200 which is released for Other Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) has been leaked and available for download. We recently grabbed the download copies and are about to test the release. We are glad to announce the download copies to our readers. We cannot guarantee that the ISO is genuine or not.  But all this mysteries will be … – Microsoft's Stronghold on Metro Style is a latest gig played by Microsoft, and the obsession of company with the Metro Style is somewhat showing-off everywhere. The company has launched it Preview yesterday. We can say its the update of the Microsoft Hotmail, although the old version of Hotmail will remain active. The company has tried to make it as an next level …