Wrap A Skin Around Your PS4 Controller Before You Join Your Next Game


You’re in the middle of a heated match, and you’re about to waste the enemy team when your hands start to sweat. The controller doesn’t fly out of your hands, but it slips enough that you lose both your grip and your chance at a victory. You’ll never finish this campaign with the way you’re playing.


Your PS4 controller is put through a lot of abuse, but the natural design of the piece doesn’t lend itself to gameplay. The plastic becomes slippery during a heated game; the surface of it is susceptible to scratches and pop spills that inevitably happen during a tense campaign; the toggles collect grime. There are many reasons why the DualShock 4 could lead you to disaster. End of the game? Certainly, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your controller.

You’re not alone. Roughly38% of players experience some form of wear and tear on their PS4 controller. Using a PS4 controller skin is the easiest way to protect your controller without impairing your ability to win. Unlike cases that fit over the controller, skins are made of lightweight, durable vinyl that adheres to the surface of the controller. Itwon’t add on the pounds until the DualShock is unwieldy and unusable, and it provides a protective barrier between it and your living room. That means, if in a fit of game-fuelled rage, you throw your controller onto your table, it won’t scratch the plastic. In fact, it has a higher chance of staying on the table, as the vinyl adds a layer that grips surfaces. Fitting around the intricate buttons and toggles, you’ll be able to keep the DualShock in your hands even during a stressful mission.

The only consideration that comes close to the functionality of the skin is its cool factor. You can’t rightly apply a skin to your DualShock when it looks terrible. Can you imagine your friends seeing a lame covering the next time you get together for a game?  The skin you choose has to look as good as it performs, so look for those that can be customized. Many of the big names in PlayStation protection wear allow you the ability to personalize your skin in different colours and textures, so spend some time exploring your options. When you take a look at the latest PS4 controller skins from dbrand, you can actually see how they would fit on your controller in a skin building page. That way, when you open up your parcel, you’re never surprised by what you get.

Getting a PS4 controller skin can vastly improve your game and ensure you DualShock stays in your hands. It also has the added benefit of protecting it from clumsy bumps and spills, while showing off your unique style to your friends. Why wait to outfit your controller with a skin? Slap one on and finally finish that campaign.