Windows 8 Announcements: The Official and the Unofficial ;)


Hello guys,

Windows 8 has moved forward by so many steps since the Consumer Preview. We’ve got so many more things.. Some official, and some unofficial (If you know what I mean ;)). So, let’s get straight to the official news first!

Microsoft has officially announced the SKUs or editions that Windows 8 will come in. It’ll be available for x86, x64 and ofcource ARM PCs. For PCs with x86 or x64 processors, Microsoft’s gonna’ ship 2 editions of Windows 8, namely, ‘Windows 8’ and ‘Windows 8 Pro’. Yes, the first one’s just Windows 8 and the second is Windows 8 ‘Pro’. And that’s ‘ultimate’. πŸ˜€ (Pun intended) However, China, and a number of other small emerging markets, will receive a single language version of Windows 8, and that’s the ‘Windows 8 for China’ thing we showed in this post.Β Windows 8 will contain most of the features that were previously available only for Ultimate edition. Some others are offered by Windows 8 Pro. Windows 8 Pro will support a new ‘Media Pack’ which will be cheaply available and will add certain codecs, along with Windows Media Center. It is the same ‘Windows 8 Pro Pack’ that we talked about and showed here.

For ARM processor PCs, a new flavour will be available, which is called Windows RT. Note that Windows 8 is not Windows RT! It’s based on Windows 8, but is a completely different product. It’s lightweight and is available only pre-installed by OEMs, like Nokia. It’s likely to be merged with Windows Embedded Standard 8, but this is still not confirmed. Here is a comparison of the features available in the different editions (but it doesn’t mean that it contains only these features, many more are there). A cross means, Yes, that id there.

Feature name Windows 8 Windows 8 Pro Windows RT
Upgrades from Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium



Upgrades from Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate x
Start screen, Semantic Zoom, Live Tiles x x x
Windows Store x x x
Apps (Mail, Calendar, People, Messaging, Photos, SkyDrive, Reader, Music, Video) x x x
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) x
Internet Explorer 10 x x x
Device encryption x
Connected standby x x x
Microsoft account x x x
Desktop x x x
Installation of x86/64 and desktop software x x
Updated Windows Explorer x x x
Windows Defender x x x
SmartScreen x x x
Windows Update x x x
Enhanced Task Manager x x x
Switch languages on the fly (Language Packs) x x x
Better multiple monitor support x x x
Storage Spaces x x
Windows Media Player x x
Exchange ActiveSync x x x
File history x x x
ISO / VHD mount x x x
Mobile broadband features x x x
Picture password x x x
Play To x x x
Remote Desktop (client) x x x
Reset and refresh your PC x x x
Snap x x x
Touch and Thumb keyboard x x x
Trusted boot x x x
VPN client x x x
BitLocker and BitLocker To Go x
Boot from VHD x
Client Hyper-V x
Domain Join x
Encrypting File System x
Group Policy x
Remote Desktop (host) x

An Enterprise edition specifically for businesses, will also come.

I hope it wasn’t too boring. Well, for me, official news is always boring, ‘coz I’ve heard it before! And I like to share it. Here’s some good stuff.

Windows 8 will be released on November 6, 2012! A friend, Nawzil, is being thanked for this valuable info. πŸ™‚ Co-incidentally, Halo 4 is also being released on that day! *hehe*

Another piece of official news is that Microsoft has decided to rename Windows Server 8 as Windows Server 2012.

As for your next Windows 8 public preview, that is the RC (Release Candidate), you’ll have the Windows 8 Release Preview. πŸ˜€ Isn’t that cool? Now, we’ve got a couple of screenshots to explain!

We’ll start with the latest noticeable change, that is in ribbon, and the buttons. Here are the buttons from Windows 8 Release Preview Build 832x:

Then, we move on to another really good part of the new UI, and that is uniformity of flat controls. See this comparison (Sorry for Chinese, our source is Chinese :P):

Like it? Love it? Share with us.. πŸ™‚

Then we have the desktop from the Single Language edition we talked about above:

The Start Screen is like this by default:

The All Apps page contains ‘Windows Anytime Upgrade’ as you can see here:

Also, according to our sources, the latest build from the WinMAIN lab is 8324. That’s all for today. Share your views below. πŸ™‚
Have a nice day!