Win a Brand New Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone | GizmoLord Giveaway Contest #4

samsung galaxy s3 gizmolord contest

GizmoLord is hereby glad to announce the GizmoLord Giveaway Contest #4 where one of the readers get a chance to win a Brand New Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. Yes, you heard it right, we will be conducting our next Tech contest for our dedicated members, readers and supporters of We will be giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 (Pebble Blue color) to one of the member.

samsung galaxy s3 gizmolord giveaway contest

Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone is one of the most selling smartphone in the world. It features a Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 processor and Exynos 4412 Quad chipset. The smartphone is powered with 1GB of RAM and Mali 400MP Graphics processing unit much enough to support android apps and games with ease.

To enter into this contest, all you have to do is login to this below provided portal and complete all the steps to validate your entry.

GizmoLord Giveaway Contest #4

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Make sure you do not cheat by registering with fake accounts in perspective of winning this contest. All entries are recorded and monitored by the unique security system at GizmoLord. Defaulters will get a permanent ban if we track such activity and will be barred from entering any contests held at GizmoLord. Be honest and play safe.

Contest Validity and Declaration of Winner:

Starting from this article post date, the Contest will run until 15th of June 2013 and the result will be declared on the same day.

Special considerations and special draw for members with better points collected up on Additional Tips/options in the portal.

We will email the contest winner as soon as the result is declared. The winning member will then need to provide his/her residence address where the Samsung Galaxy S3 (pebble blue color) will be shipped to.

Rules and Regulations:

1. Members should not make multiple accounts in view of cheating the contest to increase the winning chances. We track each member with respect to IP address and cookies.

2. The winning person is required to provide us with the address to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 (pebble blue color) delivered. Please refrain from participating in the contest if you wish not to provide us with the residence address.

So what are you waiting for? Participate in the Contest and grab this super awesome Samsung Galaxy S3 and enjoy the Music with great musical experience. We will be coming up with more such fabulous contests in coming months.

Comments 73

  1. Samsung Galaxy S3 is a smartphone with huge potentials for aftermarket support and custom software. The current generation of apps don’t ever require a phone more powerful than the Galaxy S3 to run on.

  2. Samsung galaxy S3 success across the globe made samsung market leader and is a benchmark for future phones to compete with whether its touch response,design,hardware,software development,S3 has done it all right.

  3. I love Samsung Galaxy S3 since it was launched, it is one of the greatest smartphone present in the mobile market today. Winning this contest would be like a “Dream Come True” moment for me.

  4. Samsung Galaxy S3 large display and powerful hardware makes its a better smartphone for me. I like to win this contest because I need a smartphone with all the features and multimedia capabilities for my work as well as every day usage.

  5. its Super AMOLED HD screen,TouchWiz n its hardware makes it a better smartphone.
    i would have this phone as my first android phone. ☺

  6. S3 was designed to make the us user feel different, i would like the opportunity to experience it.

  7. I’ll love to have a galaxy S3 as I love samsung a lot ^_^ . Also never had an samsung phone 🙁

  8. Galaxy S3 is the best smartphone ever made by Samsung. Owning a Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of my dreams. 😛

  9. I would love to own this beast smartphone. If I win this giveaway, the reaction would be “wow! Got rid of symbian finally.”

  10. Galaxy S3 is a superior smartphone in terms of it’s excellent software features,thanks to Samsung’s TouchWiz Nature UX,apart from that SAmoled screen,great camera and fast processor makes it a better smartphone.

    I want to win this contest just to get my hands on this excellent device which is a dream of mine.

  11. I like the size of the phone. I want to win this for my mom who still doesn’t have a touchscreen phone.

  12. because Android which is I’ve already try them. S3 are: -Highly customizable. you can do anything with that, change your font, color, display, and much more -Popular on XDA. I’m a XDA member which is good for customize -Good photo result. Lot of filter within stock camera app -Great Performance. Quad-Core at awesome SPEED, play game no lag! entertainment! -Cool Feature.

  13. I wish I will be the winner I hate my wave II and I put all my money to
    buy this bad phone -waveII- thinking to develop to bada os
    I like
    android so much and it will help me because I want to be an android
    developer and I donot have an android phone due to my low money and this
    phone will help me very much so please choose me

  14. Samsung Galaxy S3 is a really amazing phone and it would be great if I could win this!!

  15. The S3 is a better smartphone because it’s fast and has an awesome camera. I would love to win because I hate the camera on my phone. I have a 1 year old, and want to capture all the funny moments!

  16. I think that Samsung has designed a very fine phone that addresses most peoples needs.

  17. Galaxy s3 is a better phone because it features some useful things such as direct call, a 8 megapixel camera and it is really design for humans….I really want to win it because it’s my dream phone!!! I’m 14 but still i don’t have any phone….My classmate recommend me to buy some phone but I couldn’t afford any phone here in my country….It’s a big blessing for me if ever I win this phone!!!!! It’s my dream and I hope you will be the one who will make my dream come true….I join a lot of giveaways… I hope I win this one!!!!

  18. It is almost a collaboration of phone and tablet, the larger screen really appeals to me as I struggle on my current model to fully utilise the internet properly as the virtual keyboard is too small for my chubby fingers! I also think the speed of the S3 makes it a must have, In get frustrated waiting for things to load zzzzzzzz. I would love to win one for the reasons above, it would certainly make my life a lot easier when i’m on the move and need internet access quick and easy!

  19. this is a very good phone to feel what android is all about. And in addition to that this phone is going to get future android versions and also the hardware inside is superb!! And yeah i will be so happy if i win and I’m gonna try my best 😀

  20. I wanna win this phone just because I m still using my old symbian while some of my other friends have Android , WP & iOS

  21. The samsung galaxy S 3 is a better smartphone because it has a 12 megapixels camera and faster processor. I’d love to win so I could have a smart phone.

  22. Samsung Galaxy S3 is a better smartphone because it suits my wants and it suffice my needs. This phone is a perfect phone and until now, I am searching and keeping my dreams to have one. Also, due to its functionality, I want its features and applications that will help me to be a better student. I want to win this because it will help me to live more and live positively and enjoy life with this new bestfriend buddy. I want this because it is Sleek Systematic and Surely ENJOYABLE!

  23. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a better phone compared to most of the other phones on the market today. It has amazing features, access to tons of apps and a good size screen for awesome viewing pleasure. I need this! 🙂

  24. The features on this are the more than amazing. I would love to win this as gift to give to my father for a late fathers day present he Deserves it

  25. The features on this phone are beyond amazing . Im so sick of my current phone always freezing or shutting down randomly/unexpectedly . Words can not describe how despiratley i want this phone for my birthday . Hope i get this opportunity

  26. Its better than any other smart phones bcos it has all what it takes in a smart phone. 🙂

  27. Winning Samsung Galaxy S3 will change my way of living with smartphones, I have smartphone but with Samsung S3, this will change my point of view in using smartphones. Hope To Win. and Good Luck to All 🙂

  28. Let me take this amazing smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S3 will definitely change my life <3

  29. The S3 is a better phone because it’s light, yet feature rich, and has expandable memory and a removable battery

  30. Samsung Galaxy S3 has many advantages such as :

    Standard USB cable charging, Wireless Charging, NFC, HDMI, Faster downloads, More Battery Power, Twice RAM Power, Bigger screen, Lesser Weight, Thinner, Stylish, etc

    Now am Using 2600 classic nokia phone, in-place of that If I won this legendary phone I will be one of the luckiest guy as this is one of my dream phone. Advance congratz to the person who is lucky enough to get this…and thanx for the master of this contest to give us a wonderful offer…Special Thanx

  31. I konow that it is an amazingly fast smartphone. The HD is just stunning, the camera quality is of the highest level, too. I’d like to win it because I’ve never had a smartphone before, I still use my old cellphone.

  32. samsung s3 is are the best phone out there. there is nothing that it cant do.

  33. S3 may have been dwarfed by the recent hoopla of S4 but it’s a very nice phone and still holds out good 🙂
    i would love to win this..

  34. S3 is a phone with just the rite size, light weight ,very good specs & comes with the power of jellybean (project butter).. If i win this, i would gift it to my wife as she still uses an old symbian phone

  35. Ok, why is it perfect? Because it’s got all the best features out there! I’m pretty sure it can also make coffee, right?

  36. The GS4 has been released and I’m still hoping for the S4. That says a lot considering I’m more of “tech geek”. The thing I like most about this phone is hardware specs and the developing possibilities those specs may provide me with.

  37. GL is teh best! S3 is teh best! And I’m also teh best so I want best phone from best blog! GL FTW!

  38. Galaxy s3 is really a better smartphone than other cause it is manufactured by samsung and got a lot of good features & it has android as its os potentially the best os for a mobile and have already got a lot of apps.

    I have wanted to take part in this competition because truly and honestly I want to have my own piece of galaxy.


  39. Galaxy S3 is a better smartphone because it is a [S]uperb and [S]pectacular [S]martphone! I want to win this because I want to give my mom a special present in her coming birthday.

  40. Would love to try my hands on this awesome phone. Loved its design and power,eager to try my hands on

  41. Galaxy S3 has better battery life, 8MP camera, and better than iPhone. I am a huge fan and want to win it

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