Theme your Android

Theme your Android
ANDROID is the ultimate customizable OS it should have come with tagline NO HOLDS BARRED. It is your world and you can make the look of your phone as per your choice, that’s what android is best at. Tons of themes, icon packs, widgets, wallpapers, launchers, and even lock screens that can really make your phone look and feel different from the rest. Here are some best apps which would let you customize your android as you always wanted to look.

Theme your android

Nova Launcher Prime

This launcher is rock stable and is one of the most feature rich launchers in the market. Everything in the launcher is customizable from icon themes to various transition effects in the home screen and app drawer. Some of the best looking themes are Banx by Pure DesignsProject Hera Launcher Theme by BRIONICthemesMianogen Launcher Theme by tung91, and many more which you may explore them yourself.

There are even other launchers like Go Launcher, home launchers of Sony and Samsung uder the name Xperia home and Touchwiz home respectively. You can find these two launchers on XDA forums. These launchers create the feeling of using a new phone within your old phone.


Apps like ultimate custom widget better known as UCCW  and zooper widget have ultimate customization under the hood. You may even customize your homescreen with simple, good looking and informative widgets like dashclock.

Good HD wallpaper

The first glance at your phone is always your wallpaper. We suggest it to be cool and minimalist and to avoid using bright wallpaper as they would make it hard for you to read the labels of your apps on the homescreen. Some of our favorite picks are as follows:

If you are looking for a den of original photos/wallpapers for your phone, you may look at this pretty neat and featuristic app named “Backgrounds HD Wallpapers


The first click on your power button brings the user on the lockscreen. Haven’t you been bored of using the same lockscreen for ages?. There are many alternatives to your original android lockscreens available in the Google Playstore. Some of the lockscreens are so good that you would never like coming back to original lockscreen like the Cover Lock Screen (beta) and the AcDisplay (it has lockscreen feature inside it). Some of them create a replica of lockscreen of Samsung’s TouchWiz, Sony’s Xperia UI, LG’s UI. These lockscreens looks and feel exactly the same as of original brand UI. These replica lockscreens for each brand UI is developed by the same author named X-Andev. Below are the list of those replica UI lockscreens:

We have suggested the best apps and utilities to make your Android smartphone feel and look unique making it look as you ever wanted it to be and not as the company wants the phone to be. 😉
If we have missed any promising app in this article which indeed could make our phone look to the next level customizing, do let us know in the comments section below.