Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH50 – Review

Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH50

[c5ab_review ] When it comes to music and innovation, Sony Corporation has its own identity and mark in the consumer market. With the latest introduction of their bluetooth headset SBH series out there in the market, we could say that Sony has again provided consumers with a vast choice over quality, music and innovation. We recently got hold over Sony’s …

Amkette Smart Bluetooth Keyboard – Review

Amkette Smart Bluetooth Keyboard

[c5ab_review ] Do you own a full touch enabled Tablet or a smartphone? Ever felt the urge to have a physical keyboard/keypad for the typing comfort? Amkette Smart Bluetooth Keyboard is one such product you need to look into if you desire to have a physical wireless keyboard for your typing comfort. Be it your tablet or your smartphone, Amkette …

Online Shopping in 2030 – A tech bliss!

Shopping in 2030

Shopping experience has changed drastically and has been revolutionized over the time. If we were to compare the time 17 years back wherein telephones, computers, mobile phones were an alien technology to today’s innovations where these gadgets are an integrant part of our lives. We can only imagine what technology will have to offer us 17 years from now. People were incognizant about online …

Experience the VU Super TV with Windows 8

VU Super TV - Windows 8

So, don’t you want a premium smart TV with all the latest technologies which makes your TV viewing experience extremely fun. I bet you know about so many smart-TVs coming with different features like get socialized with your Facebook and twitter account while watching TV, browse the internet, play games, stream YouTube videos etc.

3CX Mobile Device Manager-Control & secure your smartphone

3CX Mobile Device Manager - GizmoLord

3CX Mobile Device Manager : Since smartphones started getting more and more smarter, the risks and complications associated with the use of them also increased drastically. Today, smartphones are acting as the center of all personal and business communications. Business people have started using mobile devices for storing, sharing and even processing confidential data. Even if you are using your …

Changes in the Way We Live – The Technological Edge!


The Technological Edge: There is not one aspect of our lives today that has not been influenced by advances in technology. Even the areas of personal communication, books and music are now at the whim of our technology. While these are all major changes, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, either.

Understanding the concept of eCommerce Hosting

Understanding the concept of eCommerce Hosting - GizmoLord

You may have established a successful company that has an impressive customer base and is an industry leader in your region. However, if you wish to truly grow in today’s competitive world, you must look beyond the regional confines and move towards tapping the vast global market out there.

How to Use Internet to Turn Your Network Marketing Business Around To Success

How to Use Internet to Turn Your Network Marketing Business Around To Success

Using the internet has almost become a prerequisite for any entrepreneur running a network marketing business. The best way at present to find more people to add to your network is through the internet and the various resources available within. In fact, the internet has proven to be such an effective tool that almost every business regardless of type and …

Busting the Windows 8 myths

Windows 8 logo

There’s been a lot happening with Windows since I last wrote here. Julie Green, Windows Blue and every single hue. Okay, that was just done for the sake of rhyme 😀 Anyway, coming to the main point, I’m very disappointed with the stupid posts hovering around the internet which are apparently spoiling Microsoft’s name. It’s all crap. I’ll start busting …