Top 5 Quad Core Smartphones for Less than 15,000 INR

Top 5 Quad Core Smart phones Under 15000 INR

Want to buy an awesome and very powerful smartphone powered by a quad core processor? But have a tight budget? Not to worry you can still bring home one of the best powerful, quad core smartphones by paying less than ₹15,000. But, before that let me introduce you with the main advantages of a quad core smartphone:

How to Maximize Your Phone's WiFi Signal

wifi signal strength

Maximize Your Phone’s WiFi Signal WiFi is one of life’s great inventions and allows us to access the Internet from our smartphones without having to be connected to an unsightly cable. The downside to Wi-Fi is that it takes a good connection to be able to use the Internet without having to wait an eternity for a webpage to load. …

Samsung Galaxy Note-2 Coming this October with larger screen

Larger screen smartphone is the current trend of choices for smartphone users. Yes, majority of the smartphone manufacturers are developing bigger screen smartphone except Apple keeping the screen at 3.7-inch for several iPhone generations they have released. Manufacturers are pumping up the screen size to go upto 4-inch and beyond.