Want to have your Own, Personal JARVIS like Iron Man?


Well, they have said it right, technology is a very amazing thing and you know in the history of Super Humans no other person have the coolest gadgets like Tony Stark our own Iron Man. Tell it a game of fortune, none of us are genius, billionaire and playboy like Tony Stark but this would not stop you to getting …

iPad 4 128GB with retina display goes official

iPad 4 128GB

iPad 4 128GB: Apple has officially announced one more variant of the iPad with Retina Display, with a bumper 128 giga-byte storage priced from $799 for the Wifi-only version and $929 for the Wifi + Cellular model. It is set to go on sale from February 5, Tuesday.

iPad Mini: Review

iPad 4

When Apple release a new piece of technology, their reputation has lead consumers to believe that the hardware and software will be upgraded from previous models. This expectation is one that has lead to a few people feeling let down by the iPad mini. It is not a bad device, but the hardware is substantially similar to that of the …

Apple iPad Mini Launched in India

The Apple iPad Mini which was announced on 23rd October,2012 by Apple Inc. is finally launched in India today. The iPad Mini was launched to compete with Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire,but mostly is a Miniaturized  iPad 2 with Essential Upgrades. The 7-inch has been a sweet Spot for tablets Lately,specially in India,as you have already noticed the flooding of Tablets in …

Playing Board Games With Your Kids On iPad Is More Fun

Board Games on iPad

iPad, in the present day, is one of those things, which is common to many people all over the world. A good enough section of people across the globe use this. Now, such a device, which is attributed with several interesting features, not just makes one get addicted to it but is capable enough of making the family members feel …

iPad 4 versus Microsoft Surface versus Nexus 10

iPad 4,Microsoft Surface,Nexus 10

There were at least three launches that have grabbed users’ attention this year. Incidentally, it also involves the great guns of the technology world. The products that they launched are in the same category and that the war for supremacy has reached its zenith is fully evident. Of the three, Google it may be recalled was the only giant not …

Logistics Applications of iPads

ipad logistic apps

iPads and other tablet devices can be a strikingly useful addition to a logistics workflow in any company. Staff members who are responsible for deliveries or transportation of any sort will be able to keep their records up to date in a wireless and immediate fashion that can easily be synchronized with central computers via logistics applications.

Top iPad Smart Cases and Cover

Top iPad Smart Cases and Cover

An iPad may not be that much older in its production but its famous attitude precedes its name. Apple’s name on the production list makes it one famous gadget (any version). Any version of iPad, the iPad, the iPad 2 or the recently coming in the iPad mini can all be taken up for any kind of work through Wi-Fi. …

5 features of iPad 3

Apple ipad3

Features of iPad 3 Many rumors are been carried about iPad 3, in other words we are not here to merry-go-round about what people are saying. On a neutral ground it a natural thing for rumors to be carried out for without that rumor people won’t know or differentiate good from bad. I could remember those days in my secondary …

Apple Officials Said to Consider Stake in Twitter

Apple invests in Twitter, How Much Of Truth In There a Close Look New York Times last night, reliably circulated on social media and picked up on blog after blog about the news of the Apple investment in the Twitter a Big stack, this move was made by apple was said as to get into the effect just to become …