Some Facts About the Future of Wearable Devices

Some Facts About the Future of Wearable Devices

Of all the gizmos that one comes across in the world of technology, wearable devices are the ones causing immense hype among youngsters. Apart from providing the users with their features and functions, wearable devices add a modish flair to the personality of the users. But the evolution of the wearable devices is very interesting although. It started with watches and now is taking every sort of conventional wearable device under its span.

Some Facts About the Future of Wearable Devices
Technology has transformed the experience of using such devices. Modern wearable devices are related to both ubiquitous computing and the history and development of wearable computers. But the mixture of fashion and usages make the wearable devices an essential thing. One cannot even imagine a day without these wearable devices as they have become an indispensable part of our lives. Now you will understand better through some modern inventions underneath.

Some Modern Inventions that Changed our Vision for Future

⦁ The “Bio Stamp” is startup MC10’s first flexible computing prototype which can be applied to the skin like a band-aid.
⦁ Following the fashion trend, companies like AIQ Clothing, Hexoskin and OMsignal are already paving the way with biometric garments that measure body vitals.
⦁ In December 2014, Tommy Hilfiger launched clothing with solar cells to charge devices.
⦁ Fitbit released its first wearable around 2009. The products of Fitbit have primarily focused on activity tracking.
⦁ The most known modern wearable devices are Samsung Gear (September 2013) and Apple Watch (April 2015)
⦁ Nike “fuel band” is a water-resistant fitness tracker for swimmers mainly.
⦁ The US military recruits headgear with displays for soldiers using a technology called holographic optics
⦁ “Skully p1” is world’s most intelligent motorcycle helmet with GPS navigation, a Bluetooth chip, and a 180° rear-view camera.
⦁ Sony released “SmartWig” which is a wearable computing device that includes a laser pointer, shock device, and an interface that is able to communicate.

Wearable devices are evolving very fast considering the customer needs. So our future with sensors, clothing devices, smartwatches and other electronic goods means we are within the precinct of technologies and our life is going to be a lot easy with these advanced devices. Constant efforts are being undertaken to improve the working of existing wearable devices and render the future generation only with the best wearable devices.


Wearable devices are widely used in healthcare nowadays. The doctors are also advising their patients to wear these devices because that way they can easily track all the details about their health. The facilities through the devices that will create a healthy future are-
⦁ Measuring the blood pressure
⦁ Measuring blood alcohol content
⦁ Measuring athletic performance of a person
⦁ Monitoring the mental state of patients
⦁ Health Risk Assessment applications, including measures of frailty and risks of age-dependent diseases
⦁ Measuring how long and how well you sleep
Just imagine if you fall sick wearing the device, it will measure your health condition and will call the specialized doctor or the ambulance through your mobile assistant. Well! That will be our future with the help of wearable devices.


Wearable fitness devices are used mostly in the field of sports and fitness. Fitness is a very important part of our daily life and the journey of achieving a fit and shaped body becomes a pleasant experience with wearable devices. These devices can be used to collect data about a user’s health including:
⦁ Heart Rate
⦁ Steps Walked
⦁ Calories Burned
⦁ Time spent during exercising
These functions are offered together by a single device like a fitness tracker or a smartwatch like Fitbit, Apple Watch Series 2, Samsung Galaxy Gear sport, Mi Bands etc. Just imagine your daily activities getting monitored and measured by your tracker device and it will send this to your smartphone software which will tell you a suitable diet for yourself. This fitness features will create an outstanding future for us.


Wearable Devices can be used for Entertainment and Recreations also. Virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses have come to exemplify wearables in entertainment and gaming industries. Ed Tang of Avegant presented his “smart headphones” which uses Virtual Retinal Display to enhance the experience of the Oculus Rift. There are many wearable devices for kids also like BB-8 sphero, mover kit, Grush etc. So, if these devices become available in future, we will gain immense inner happiness and the devices will reduce our efforts and will give us a comfortable lifestyle.

This article is about the advantages and future uses of wearable devices. It is sure that our future will become more fantastic with these devices. The evolution of this technology will never stop and we will stay updated every day with it. We are certain that this article will help you understand about wearable devices and make you dream about a colorful future.

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