Preparing for the JEE a month or a year ahead

iit jee

The exam season is back and students of all ages are stressing and probably procrastinating at the same time. Apart from the boards, one big examination closing down on us is the Joint Entrance Exam. If you are going to take the exam this year you better be studying right now!

No, that’s not all. You might have come here looking for help, or just while searching random links while procrastinating. But the point is, you have come where you need to be right now. Here you will find some useful tips and guidelines from IITeans themselves to help you get into the best institutes in the country for engineering and medical science.

iit jee


The target is to come in the top 1.5 lakhs out of more than 10 lakh students appearing for the JEE. 2015 had 13.03 lakh examinees while the year before that had more than 13.5 lakhs. This year it is estimated to be something around 13 lakhs again. Here you will find some expert advice to ensure that you are in the top 10 percentile so that you may be eligible for the JEE Advanced test in order to get through some of the best colleges in the country.


In order to prepare right you must have already started months back. Even if you haven’t, it’s not the end of the world as you must have been preparing for your boards. If you intend to take the test after 2016, you are here well in time. Here’s how students should prepare for the JEE Exam:

  • Boards syllabus: It is possible to prepare for the JEE even in less than a month if you have been preparing for the boards well. The syllabus is the same, only difference being, the preparation for JEE has to be more thorough than for the 12th grade boards. If you have the latter in control, the JEE preparation is just a few steps away.
  • Collect question papers: You need to know the type of questions asked in the JEE. If you have had good teachers at school, they would have already given you some idea and maybe some practice too, to help both, the boards and the JEE. If not, you can do that for yourself right now. Collect the last 5 years’ question papers of the JEE and make sure you know how to work your way around all these questions.
  • Prioritize: If you don’t have much time, go by the prioritization method. Find out which chapters will carry more questions and prepare them first. If you have already been preparing, or will take the test in later years, it is best to prepare every chapter thoroughly because the pattern changes at least slightly every year. Also, with tough competition, why leave out anything at all?
  • Mock tests: The most important step about JEE preparation is taking mock tests so that you have an idea what kind of preparation you need and what are the areas you need to give more attention to. Appear for some mock tests right after your boards. Your exams are only over after the JEE is over. It’s time to work hard.
  • Test yourself: Apart from all the tuitions and mock tests you take, you only have yourself at the last moment. Prepare, fill up the gaps and keep taking some tests. Time yourself so that you do not run short of time in the finals.

For all JEE details as to which chapter carries more weightage from all the subjects, you can go for the most popular guidebooks or search online. Gauge the pattern in the last five years’ question papers. Keep practicing, and of course, eat and sleep well. You will need your peace of mind and good health in order to excel.