A Tutorial On How to Create Email Template in Salesforce


Salesforce- An Introduction Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM in the world and allows you to manage your customers accounts at its best. You can track contacts, conversations, and other information that are related to business contacts at any time. It allows the most efficient and quick interaction of the people in different departments with increased efficiency. Salesforce …

Are Simpler Mobile Phones Making a Comeback


Despite the fierce competition between mobile phone makers and app developers to make smartphones an increasingly essential aspect of all our lives, it seems that simpler “feature phones” and even simple flip phones are finding their way back into the mainstream. There are a number of reasons that may be driving their resurgence in popularity, and while what could be …

6 Interesting Facts about the Atari Video Game Company


Many video game historians trace the roots of the home video game industry back to a company called Atari. The company was only in business from 1972 to 1984, but it amassed a list of achievements that make it one of the most significant companies in the history of the home video game industry. People who watched Atari’s rise to …

GetResponse Vs VerticalResponse — Comparison Of The Two Email Marketing Tools


When running a website, blog or any online business, you will always need an email marketing tool. An email marketing tool will enable you to send number of emails to your subscribers after specific intervals. Now selecting the best email marketing tool according to your campaign is the most important thing. There are thousands of email marketing tools available, having …

5 Pieces of Technology that will make your Presentations Better

business presentation

In the modern world, business meetings and presentations are far removed from previous generations. While the traditional business meeting would be hosted on-site, for example, the modern-day penchant for remote working often makes this much harder to achieve. Similarly, presentations can often no longer be hosted in a single room using a traditional laptop, as they must often be shared …

Accelerate Your Company’s Expansion with These Business-Building Strategies


In general, company growth and expansion is a business owner’s primary concern. If you’re a business owner who wants to ensure that your company experiences unprecedented growth in 2015, you need to move forward with tenacity and passion. Additionally, you need to implement a practical strategic plan. Here are two strategies that should be a part of it: Buy A …

Three Ways Computers Have Evolved

Importance of computer based jobs

The way we view computers is far different than the way we used to view them in the twentieth century. The 40s and 50s were the birth of the modern computer, or what would become the modern computer. So, how have they changed over time and what are the differences? Take a look.

Wearable Tech That Makes Sure You’re Never Lost


It is much more difficult to get lost in today’s world between GPS, map apps on your phone and vast stores of 4G LTE coverage. Although these devices work well, there are some relative newcomers to keep you on the right path. Here’s a look at the wearable technology that helps you know which way to turn no matter where …

Things to Think about When Looking for Audio Visual Companies

Audio Visual

Many businesses spend months organizing the various elements of an event, but then they leave one of the most important things – the audio visual and lighting requirements – until the last minute. As a result, a number of things often go wrong. Luckily, by knowing these common pitfalls, you can avoid them and you will be able to get …