4 HDTV Features You Should Look For When Shopping


It is great living in this era of technology, when it comes to buying HDTVs. Every week, it seems like there is a new feature or option that improves the performance of high definition television. Yet there is an issue, with so much changing so quickly, it can be difficult to know exactly what features you should look for in …

GetResponse Vs. Unbounce – Best Landing Page Builder


Today we are going to discuss about landing pages. If you are a non-technical person then you might consider yourself in an alien world but don’t worry because this article is going to cover each and every aspect of landing pages. Landing pages are the pages upon which the user lands when he clicks any search engine optimized result or …

Preparing for the JEE a month or a year ahead

iit jee

The exam season is back and students of all ages are stressing and probably procrastinating at the same time. Apart from the boards, one big examination closing down on us is the Joint Entrance Exam. If you are going to take the exam this year you better be studying right now! No, that’s not all. You might have come here …

Mobile Cases Are The Perfect Companion For Your Smartphone!


Everyone is working at a very fast pace in today’s modern world. With various work related commitments, people want to be connected with their offices even when they are on the move. All of us want to be in touch with our friends and family even when there is no desktop or laptop available. Therefore, our phones became smart and …

Understanding The Benefits Of Magento Design Platform


Magento is a popular ecommerce platform that is extensively used throughout the world. Ecommerce platforms based on Magento design are most favoured by the companies. However, its popularity should not dissuade you of its greatness, as on one hand where it is filled with numerous features, on the other, it requires smart effort from the developers which should not be …

5 of the Best Apps for Your Photos


You probably don’t need another reason to be addicted to your smartphone, but here’s one anyway: a plethora of apps for Android and IPhone that give you almost limitless photo editing abilities. These intelligent apps let you add stickers, change scenes, cut people out and darken the light. So now you can keep your money clips in your pockets as …

Browser Play or Download: Which Would You Prefer?


I am a frequent player. In my case this means that I play frequently, but for a short time – and that most of the games I play are casual. And it also means that I often play at other people’s computers, and on my smartphone. This is why I usually don’t like downloading games – I seldom have the …

Managed PBX Services For Small Business

Managed PBX Services For Small Business

Once your small business has made the decision to join countless others in implementing a PBX service for your business communications, there is one choice remaining.  Should my business choose a hosted option or host our own? To assist you in answering this question, the following article will outline the differences between a managed PBX service and an on-premise service.

I’ve Never Owned a Digital Camera – Where Do I Start?


  The ease of Smart phones and the associated apps in taking photographs has almost made the actual camera obsolete. After all, who wants to carry along a camera as well as a phone when they supposedly do the same thing? In a weird way though, tinkering with these programs on one’s phone actually gets people more into photography than …

How to Stay Safe When Playing Online Games

Playing Online Games

Those who love playing games online can find it easy to stay entertained and make fun connections with fellow gamers from around the world. But if you enjoy playing online games, you also need to consider how to play it safe, both for yourself and for your computer system, which can become vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Are you wondering …