Samsung Wave 3 coming to India in December

Samsung Wave 3

Samsung has already commenced the shipping of the Bada 2.0 operating system based smartphone internationally. France will be the first country to get this smartphone following closely with delivery of the smartphone in countries like Germany, Italy and Russia.

Samsung Galaxy Note Video Released

Samsung recently announced the new Samsung Galaxy note, which they describe as a cross between a smartphone and a tablet, and now Samsung has released a new video which gives us a good look at the Samsung Galaxy Note and some of its features.

Affordable Phones (3000-5000)

Hello Fellows, Itz Festival time Most of you, who are planning to get new Phones, here is the list according to ur budget¬† (3000-5000) For the Touch Screen Geeks SamSung Champ C3303 The Champ C3303 is a bar touch screen phone with the screen size of 2.4 inches. It comes with internal memory of 25 MB and weighs just 80g. …