What the Next Update of Windows Phone 8 Should Bring

Windows Phone 8

Recently, I bought a Nokia Lumia 720 which was selected mainly for the Operating System it is powered by – Windows Phone 8. Everything was fine as expected for a Windows Phone 8 device, in short – Fast, Smooth, and Fluid but with a lot lesser in number of apps and games. The phone carries a decent camera too. I …

Top 5 Quad Core Smartphones for Less than 15,000 INR

Top 5 Quad Core Smart phones Under 15000 INR

Want to buy an awesome and very powerful smartphone powered by a quad core processor? But have a tight budget? Not to worry you can still bring home one of the best powerful, quad core smartphones by paying less than ₹15,000. But, before that let me introduce you with the main advantages of a quad core smartphone:

Now send SOS alerts through your smartphone with just a click

Help me on Mobile Android app

Now a days individual security is very important. You’ll never know in which moment your life will be in danger. Suppose if you are alone and your life is at stake then what will you do? You’ll definitely shout for help? Again what if there is no one near you? How can you alert your family and friends that you …

Capdase Soft Jacket Lamina Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 – Review

Capdase Soft jacket Lamina Galaxy S3

[c5ab_review ] Snap on cases are very convenient when compared to a flip case, like operating the phone easily and conveniently with one hand. Soft Jacket Lamina is an impressive product from Capdase and works really well as it guarantees. It is the World’s thinnest TPU Case which offers ideal protection without making the phone loose its beauty. This is …

Top 4 Instagram Alternative Clients for Windows Phones

Instagram for Windows

Instagram is now a very popular photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking website developed by Facebook Inc. Day by day the Instagram user graph is going up. People posts their graphical arts, travel photos and even the photos of what they are eating in breakfast.

Nokia Lumia Smart Buy Back Offer on Nokia Lumia 520 and 620

In order to boost their sales deeper into the market, Nokia India has started “Nokia Lumia Smart Buy Back Offer” on Nokia Lumia 520 and 620. You can get a minimum discount of Rs.4000 on purchase of Nokia Lumia 520 and Rs.6000 on purchase of Nokia Lumia 620 by exchanging your old phone.

Top 5 Free Addictive must have Xbox Games for Windows Phone

Xbox Games for Windows Phone

Got a windows phone? Love to play games and cracking the high score. Well, you can get several free games for your windows phone for free from the windows phone market place but that games will not give you a socialize game play experience. That means playing a game on your own without opponents. But the Xbox games for windows …

Hovering Controls – Bringing Air Gesture to The Crowd

Air Gestures can be termed of One of the best innovation in the World of Smartphone.Using the Samsung Galaxy S4,It was on top one of the cool features ,with the ability to perform action based on your gestures without touching the screen is Quite a Thing! But it was limited by Samsung and was not passed down to previous Flagships.Air …

VLC for Windows Phone – Next in the Pipeline

VLC for Windows Phone - Next in the Pipeline

One gripe today common for most of the Windows Phone users is the lack of support for video codecs. Currently Windows Phone provides only a limited support, restricting users to uses only MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI and WMV format, leaving out currently popular MKV and FLV video format. Sadly on top there is not even a single good 3rd party …