Want to have your Own, Personal JARVIS like Iron Man?


Well, they have said it right, technology is a very amazing thing and you know in the history of Super Humans no other person have the coolest gadgets like Tony Stark our own Iron Man. Tell it a game of fortune, none of us are genius, billionaire and playboy like Tony Stark but this would not stop you to getting …

3CX Mobile Device Manager-Control & secure your smartphone

3CX Mobile Device Manager - GizmoLord

3CX Mobile Device Manager : Since smartphones started getting more and more smarter, the risks and complications associated with the use of them also increased drastically. Today, smartphones are acting as the center of all personal and business communications. Business people have started using mobile devices for storing, sharing and even processing confidential data. Even if you are using your …

The History of the Apple iPhone

The History of the Apple iPhone

Apple iphone Many people have watched in awe as the apple iPhone has gone from strength to strength. Apple launch new developments at regular increments but there is still considerable interest in its past and how each model is a more exciting offering than the last. Upgrading from one model to the next has become a ritual for many fans …

Build your iPhone Apps yourself!

Build your iPhone Apps - Sweb apps

Now wouldn’t that be fun! Today, when the demand for mobile application development is so high, it is hard to come across a reliable iPhone app developer. Moreover since it is your own business, only you will know what you want from it, and exactly how would you want to execute it. This is why; being able to build an …

How to Generate Income with iPhone Apps

How to Generate Income with iPhone Apps2

Before you think of making money with your iPhone apps, you need to be aware of the things needed prior to this idea of generating income. Those are setting few ZIP download to your homepage, your Application Store Approval, and a lot more. Of course, don’t forget the market as well as your direct audience.

Playing Board Games With Your Kids On iPad Is More Fun

Board Games on iPad

iPad, in the present day, is one of those things, which is common to many people all over the world. A good enough section of people across the globe use this. Now, such a device, which is attributed with several interesting features, not just makes one get addicted to it but is capable enough of making the family members feel …

iPhone 5 vs Asus Padfone 2

iPhone 5 vs Asus Padfone 2

The iPhone has quickly become one of the most popular phones on the market, and most of the companies that build smart phones have scrambled to try and keep up with Apple. There are many phones that have been released to compete with the iPhone, and many of the phones have actually provided solid competition for the #1 smart phone. …

Security Check: Blackberry vs. Android vs. iPhone vs. Windows Phone

Security Check Blackberry vs. Android vs. iPhone vs. Windows Phone

With the rise of smartphones, most of us have resorted to traveling with apparently “the whole world in our pockets”. However, as much as we all love our smart little friends, there is no denying the fact that they make us highly vulnerable to security issues like privacy invasion and whatnot. Despite several resolute attempts by the various platforms that …

Top iPad Smart Cases and Cover

Top iPad Smart Cases and Cover

An iPad may not be that much older in its production but its famous attitude precedes its name. Apple’s name on the production list makes it one famous gadget (any version). Any version of iPad, the iPad, the iPad 2 or the recently coming in the iPad mini can all be taken up for any kind of work through Wi-Fi. …

Five Apple apps for Women

Five Apple apps for Women

Five Apple Apps for Women 31% of women prefer the iPhone over other smartphones, and with the number of incredible features and care for design, it’s easy to see why. Out of the box, they are the preferred smartphone, but the number of great apps available to women adds to the appeal. The iPhone is an excellent device to help …