Theme your Android

Theme your Android

ANDROID is the ultimate customizable OS it should have come with tagline NO HOLDS BARRED. It is your world and you can make the look of your phone as per your choice, that’s what android is best at. Tons of themes, icon packs, widgets, wallpapers, launchers, and even lock screens that can really make your phone look and feel different from …

Fake BBM for Android Apps Flooding Play Store

Fake BBM for Android Apps Flooding Play Store

Big bunch of BBM Fake apps have flooded the playstore. Merely searching for “BBM” on Google Play store gets you this following results : The names of this apps read : BBM for android,BBM messenger android,BBM messenger center,BBM messenger Free,BES10 client, Workspace Manager for BES10 and what not!  enough to confuse a newbie searching for the actual messenger. Also there are some …

Google anounces Android Kitkat as the next Android version – Android 4.4

Android KitKat mascot

Google has officially unveiled its next mobile operating system version to be called Android KitKat which is Android 4.4 in the versions number. Sundar Pichai who is the head of Android and Chrome has confirmed the news. So you might be wondering on the name “KitKat” ? Quite obviously what strikes in mind after hearing “KitKat” is the chocolate candy bar manufactured …

Top 5 Quad Core Smartphones for Less than 15,000 INR

Top 5 Quad Core Smart phones Under 15000 INR

Want to buy an awesome and very powerful smartphone powered by a quad core processor? But have a tight budget? Not to worry you can still bring home one of the best powerful, quad core smartphones by paying less than ₹15,000. But, before that let me introduce you with the main advantages of a quad core smartphone:

Now send SOS alerts through your smartphone with just a click

Help me on Mobile Android app

Now a days individual security is very important. You’ll never know in which moment your life will be in danger. Suppose if you are alone and your life is at stake then what will you do? You’ll definitely shout for help? Again what if there is no one near you? How can you alert your family and friends that you …

Hovering Controls – Bringing Air Gesture to The Crowd

Air Gestures can be termed of One of the best innovation in the World of Smartphone.Using the Samsung Galaxy S4,It was on top one of the cool features ,with the ability to perform action based on your gestures without touching the screen is Quite a Thing! But it was limited by Samsung and was not passed down to previous Flagships.Air …

Karbonn Titanium S9 Launched!

Karbonn gearing up for War against the Upcoming Canvas 4 has Launched Titanium S9.This can be termed as a Flagship Smartphone From Karbonn.Spacing it away from the  Competition  with its New features and also in Price tag Category,Karbonn has Equipped this Phone With Some Hawt Hardware! Hardware: With a 5.5inch Screen and a HD IPS Display [1280 x 720 pixels] Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2  it …

3CX Mobile Device Manager-Control & secure your smartphone

3CX Mobile Device Manager - GizmoLord

3CX Mobile Device Manager : Since smartphones started getting more and more smarter, the risks and complications associated with the use of them also increased drastically. Today, smartphones are acting as the center of all personal and business communications. Business people have started using mobile devices for storing, sharing and even processing confidential data. Even if you are using your …

The Best Deals For Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 The Samsung Galaxy S3 also the Flagship Smartphone from Samsung has gone through many price-cuts since its launch in late May,2012 from Rs. 43,180 to Rs. 34,900 then to Rs. 31,900.Not a surprise either we see another price cut for Samsung Galaxy S3. It has been slashed again and is available now for Rs. 28900. So Here are some of the Best Deals available …

LG Nexus 4 White leaked

LG Nexus 4 White leaked

LG Nexus 4 White leaked: The Nexus 4 has really gained success, Even in India, where it isn’t released making it the best product of the Nexus family. But the colour wasn’t liked by everyone, specially who loves white. As it was, LG now comes up with a White Nexus 4