iOS 7.0 To Get Updated User Interface


iOS 7.0 To Get Updated User InterfaceAt the upcoming WWDC 2013 Apple is will present the first official details about Mac OS X 10.9 and iOS 7 operating systems. The latter one, even though it works only on mobile Apple gadgets, is of great interest to the broad audience. At the same time there is no information about the future possibilities of the operating system yet.

The publication in  9to5Mac  notes that it was able to get unofficial evidence from a group of employees who say that the future iOS 7.0 update will look great and it is going to change the principles of some software applications. Some Apple sources said that since 2007, when the first version of iOS was released, this operating system has made a huge step forward, but its interface has remained without significant innovations and has not received any significant changes.

iOS 7.0 To Get Updated User Interface

Unofficially, employees of the company say that the current iOS interface is very “flat”, while the new version of the operating system has made a step in the direction of three-dimensionality. However, the simple addition of an isometric projection is not everything. Simultaneously with the appearance of a pseudo-3D, the operating system will have to get new pseudo-spatial gestures support that is to complement the modern slide, zoom, scrolling and other functions.

In addition, the new OS will have to get a slightly modified window interface, which will be closer to Mac OS X, as well as more an advanced system of multi-tasking and new on-screen elements that are not presented in the current version iOS.

Earlier, there was also some evidence that iOS 7.0 developers will further optimize the software, what should increase the battery life.

As it was said previously the official information about iOS 7.0 is expected to be announced at WWDC 2013, which will take place from 10 to 14 June in San Francisco this year.

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