HTC One X versus iPhone4s camera

The both leading companies HTC and Apple has made a revolution in mobile industry from few years. There always been a tough competition between both companies. But here we will now compare camera aspects of both the phone.

Apple always proud of its camera on stunning picture quality and photos been shared on websites like flickr. They always deliver best they can. Apple iPhone 4S powered with 8 megapixel camera and a backside-illuminated sensor that sits behind a new lens array is a marvelous revolution.

If compared With HTC One X

This time maybe HTC forgot what they made earlier and started from scratch to build a whole new amazine camera.The camera shots stunning pictures.All it takes to shot a pic is 0.7 second which is less than blinking of an eye. Even if we look in more depth camera has powered with many new and exclusive features like it can record and capture pictures simultaneously and it even can click upto 5 shots a second.

Who’s having edge?

Currently, as per the number of unique features, we say HTC win with huge difference.