Hand Out Customized Skins at the Next Trade Show


Attending tradeshows and networking events is a simple activity that can have a profound effect on your sales. It’s a great way to get your company’s name out there as you make connections with new people. But first thing’s first; you need to think of a way to get people to your booth. Tradeshow giveaways are a hugely popular way to attract attention, and, more than likely, your neighbours will be handing our promotional key chains, pens, beer koozies, and mini flashlights in their bid to draw in crowds. Having your own free item to hand off is the very least you can do to stay competitive, but offering a truly unique gift is the way to give your company an edge over your competitors.


Do you remember what you did with the last keychain or pen that you received at the latest tradeshow you attended? Probably not. It’s because, beyond the initial thrill of getting something for free, nobody wants any more pens or keychains. They’re cheap promotional items that are meant to be lost, which defeats the purpose of handing them out in the first place. These giveaways are intended to be a reminder of your brand. If clients lose your promo within a week, they won’t be much of a souvenir.

You Want Intrigue

That’s where thinking outside the box works to your advantage. You need a handout that’s unique, setting you apart from the pack. Stop giving away cheap trinkets that people don’t need, and start handing out useful items that will enhance their daily life – like a vinyl skin. Vinyl skins wrap around popular electronics like laptops, smartphones, and smartwatches and keep their delicate frames safe from damages. Unlike a throwaway flashlight or beer koozie, a vinyl skin will make it back to their office.

Branded Vinyl

Like any promotional item, vinyl skins must promote your company. There’s a huge selection of skins for your favorite device available online, and you can use a convenient build-a-skin feature to play with the pieces of vinyl that make up a skin. You can change individual pieces to create a stylistic design or stick with a monochromatic skin that’s in line with your brand.

Quality over Quantity

There’s a reason why pens are so popular at tradeshows, and it’s because they’re so cheap to make. But their quality bleeds through, which is another reason why people don’t hang on to theirs. A pen is valueless. Should they lose theirs, they can easily buy another. A skin, naturally, will cost more than a pen. But it’s a better idea to give away fewer high-quality genuine 3M vinyl skins to select visitors than it is to hand out cheap pens to everyone who drops by your booth. That way your tradeshow giveaways have staying power.

A promotional item that people actually want to keep and use: it’s not an oxymoron. You can start handing out valuable gifts at your next trade show. Just head online and create your customized skin today.