[Guide] Install windows 7 Via USB

Hey folks, I have found a much easier way to install Windows 7 from a USB Flash Drive.

So, here goes the detailed procedure:

First download microsoft tool provided at the end of this post.

Requirements: Microsoft USB/DVD Download Tool(provided), Windows 7 ISO and a computer…

1. Install the tool.

2.Then open it …

3.It will look like this…BRowse the Windows 7 ISO from the Browse button..

4.It will look like this something ….

5.Click on Next.

6.SElect USB DEVICE button..

7.Then it will show USB devices available and select your usb device like in my case ‘Multiboot M:’ is the device…

8.Click on Begin Copying..

9.Now if it shows this Click on Erase USB Device(this will format the device)..

10.After it will format the disc…It will look like this..

11.You are almost done. Now copying will begin …

12. After copying you are Done…Reboot Pc and begin installation

(Note: make sure you made usb priority in bios)

Download Windows USB Installer from HERE