Get User-Centric Design on any Platform


Today’s apps have moved far beyond phone-friendly websites. Paradigm-breaking application companies have pushed the boundaries for businesses that lead the way with their digital presence. Even as more and more businesses realize the potential of value-added, user-centric apps on iPhones and Android devices, people are only beginning to explore the potential of Apple TV, wearables, and the Internet of Things. When your business is looking to update its digital presence, find a mobile app development company that’s transparent, agile, and always focused on user-centric design. Top app development companies produce all of their code in house and work across platforms including iOS, Android, tvOS, Roku, beacon applications, and wearables. They have capabilities in entertainment content, commerce, location functions like beacons and geo-fencing, communication, and enterprise-facing products.

Ideation and Design: Forward-thinking app developers don’t just follow a client’s requirements. They know what’s possible and what’s just on the edge of possibility. They question their partner’sexpectations in order to build a better, more innovative product. They provide the guidance it takes to deliver a truly disruptive innovation. The ideation stage combines the ideas and perspectives of all stakeholders to envision a ground-breaking design and strategy.


Agile Process: An agile process means that the five key elements of any project happen in conjunction. The team adapts as they near completion, changing focus without ever neglecting any single part. Every team starts with ideation and ends with delivery. In between, a product’s lifecycle involves project management, product strategy, design, development, and quality assurance. As design peaks, development ramps up. As quality assurance becomes a focus, the squad returns to design to fix any remaining issues. Agility means the ability to adapt to changing requirements.

Rolling Wave Planning: This is how an agile squad brings big ideas to life. They set key milestones for their project, meaning their partner can always see the end goal. In order to remain adaptable to new challenges and demands, they plan in waves. It reduces risks where requirements emerge on an ongoing basis.

Transparency: Clearbridge Mobile is a mobile app development company that puts their clients in control, and really treats them as partners. Their scrums are fully transparent and each of their sprints ends in a product demo, allowing their partners to see their application come to life and adjust their ideas as they go. Two-week sprints put their partners in control of the project’s velocity.

Clearbridge Mobile is leading the way in commerce and touchless payments. In Brazil, they created a touchless payment system that allows patrons of a gas station chain to pay remotely. The system combined PayPal and GPS-verification so that customers could pay for gas without taking out their wallets or their phones. The company both wanted to reduce fraudulent purchases with stolen credit cards and reduce the risk of patrons having their wallets stolen as they paid. To find out more about how innovation can change your business, read more of the case studies available at Award-winning squads don’t just change your digital presence, they can change the way you do business.