VBTheory Calculator – A unique Visual Basic coded Calculator

Recently, I have come across this calculator – VBTheory Calculator developed by VBTheory. Something about this calculator got hold of my interest and I just thought to share with you guys. Make sure you give it a try for this app to experience its real perspective. It hold lots of cool features, and let me state some of them: -Performs …


Wondershare PDF Editor – The most powerful PDF Editor launching soon.

Hello folks, Ever been so worried about editing a PDF file for extracting some contents for your project? Dont want to shell out huge money for a professional PDF Editor software? Wondershare PDF Editor is the perfect solution to your needs. The best thing about this software is its simplicity yet powerful performance. I recently got one PHP project and …


Windows 8 is still being worked upon!

Windows 8

Windows 8 is still being worked upon! Now that Microsoft is getting feedback directly from the customers, there are numerous improvements that have taken place after the beta, and many more are coming. Read on to find out what’s in the post-beta builds.

Microsoft working on Release Candidate – Windows 8

Hello guys, It’s time we post again. We’ve got a couple of things about Windows 8 from a friend. Microsoft began working on the release candidate for Windows 8, since build 8275. The latest known build is 8307.0.winmain.120322-1820. Now, Microsoft’s entering the last interesting milestone of development of Windows, where we’ll see much of the new features in the WinMAIN code, …


Office 15 leaked to a private group!

A good news! Microsoft released the Technical Preview of Office 15 to a couple of TAP partners. We might see it soon. It has already been leaked to a private group. Let’s see how long it takes to reach the public! A Milestone 2 Build of Office 15 was leaked to the public (Build 2703). It became quite clear that …


Microsoft isn't resting after launching Windows Consumer Preview

Hello guys, We again have some information about Windows 8. It seems Microsoft still does not want to rest. We know, that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (right) was the first build of Windows 8 available publicly meant for testing purposes and suggestions. It has been felt by most desktop users that Windows 8 is not easy to use and many features, …


Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISOs

Hello guys, Once again, a quick post. Here is a screenshot of the ISOs. Many other changes have also been noted in the beta. For example, the Windows Experience Index used to be till 7.9, now it is till 9.9! Stay tuned. Update: Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO files (.iso) are provided as an alternative to using Windows 8 Consumer Preview Setup. If you are …


Exclusive! Windows 8 Consumer Preview Screenshot

Hello guys, We have an awesome new, exclusive screenshot for you of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Here it is. Enjoy! The screenshot’s not much, but we can’t show more before yesterday EDIT: I mean tomorrow! We hope you liked it and got more excited about Windows 8. –Prayaas.