Browser Play or Download: Which Would You Prefer?


I am a frequent player. In my case this means that I play frequently, but for a short time – and that most of the games I play are casual. And it also means that I often play at other people’s computers, and on my smartphone. This is why I usually don’t like downloading games – I seldom have the occasion to play them on my own PC.

I recently registered an account at a gaming venue called the Royal Vegas Casino. It is a company active in the real money gaming business, but I usually use it for free, casual gaming. Free, because it offers its players a way to “practice” with its games without charging them a dime. And casual, as the games Royal Vegas offers¬†are like that by nature. And I have a dilemma: should I download and install its free casino suite, or should I stick with its browser-based and mobile interface?


One of the reasons why I’d rather sacrifice disk space and internet bandwidth (and time) for the download is game variety. The Royal Vegas has about 300 games available through its browser interface, but in its downloadable suite the number of games is more than double. Not to mention the fact that the downloadable version makes better use of the computer’s hardware, so the games I run through it run a bit more smoothly and quickly. The difference is hard to spot, but it’s there – I can feel it.

But then again, there’s the flexibility offered by the browser-based version. Not only it’s easier to access – I just type the web address into the browser and start playing in an instant – but I can easily play my favorite games wherever I am. All I need to know is my username and password to do so. The Royal Vegas takes care of the rest – it provides me with quality entertainment no matter what PC I use it on, and a secure gateway to access its services. Even the free ones.

When it comes to mobile, it’s easy to decide. Due to the inflexible policies applied by Google to its Play Store, no real money gambling games are allowed there. This means that whenever I want to play on the go, I have to use the mobile browser version. Not that I have reasons to complain – the games are well optimized, running smoothly on all of the devices I’ve used in the past.

Help me decide: would you rather download and install a game suite, making use of the bigger number of games, or choose the flexibility of browser-based gaming, knowing that the latest games will be released through this interface?