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  • Kingston ValueRAM 8GB DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz RAM Review

    Kingston as always is known to be the best memory module manufacturer and one of the leading brand worldwide. Kingston as a brand need no introduction as each and every PC user definitely has

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  • Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Review

    In today’s generation where digital data plays an important role in one’s life, one wouldn’t take risk of loosing it at any cost. Be it your personal family photos, business

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  • Kingston Hyper X Genesis RAM – Review

    Since 1987, we have known Kingston as one of the leading memory modules manufacturing brand. Kingston has been a face brand for memory modules likes RAM, Pen Drives, Memory cards and solid state

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  • Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub – Review

    Amkette is a leading brand in India for Digital Lifestyle products and a well known brand in India ofcourse. With introduction of various innovative products in store, they are one of the brand

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  • Amkette Car Stereo Aux Cable 1.2M – Review

    Amkette is already a known brand in India for the computer pheripherals they manufacture and distribute. We already have covered many of their audio segment gadgets such as Amkette Trubeats Solo,

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Theme your Android

Theme your Android

ANDROID is the ultimate customizable OS it should have come with tagline NO HOLDS BARRED. It is your world and you can make the look of your phone as per your choice, that’s what android is

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Amkette Truchat Boomer Wired Headset

Amkette Truchat Boomer Wired Headset – Review

Amkette Truchat Boomer Wired Headset is surprisingly a hi-quality headset from Ankette India. Amkette is very well known for its innovative and economic priced products in India. With its booming