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Kingston Hyper X Genesis RAM – Review

Kingston Hyper X Genesis RAM Packaging

Since 1987, we have known Kingston as one of the leading memory modules manufacturing brand. Kingston has been a face brand for memory modules likes RAM, Pen Drives, Memory cards and solid state drives (SSD) recently.  The much focussed segment of their memory modules are RAM which they have been targetting towards different genre of requirements, namely Value

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Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub – Review

Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub Package

Amkette is a leading brand in India for Digital Lifestyle products and a well known brand in India ofcourse. With introduction of various innovative products in store, they are one of the brand with goodwill in India. We at GizmoLord grabbed one such innovative product from Amkette named “Amkette Turbo 7 Port USB Hub” where

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Amkette Car Stereo Aux Cable 1.2M – Review

Amkette Car Stereo Aux Cable 1.2M Package

Amkette is already a known brand in India for the computer pheripherals they manufacture and distribute. We already have covered many of their audio segment gadgets such as Amkette Trubeats Solo, and Amkette Truchat Boomer Wired Headset along with computer accessories like Amkette Smart Bluetooth Keyboard. They indeed is a recognized brand in India for their quality products

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Amkette Trubeats Solo – Review

Amkette Trubeats Solo Speaker Performance

Amkette is no doubt one of the leading electronics brand in India. With introduction to music segment, they have launched this pocket sized ultra portable music gadget “Amkette Trubeats Solo speaker”. So get ready to unleash the party, from your pocket. Amkette Trubreats Solo is no exception when it comes to music and extended playback experience.

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Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH50 – Review

Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH50

When it comes to music and innovation, Sony Corporation has its own identity and mark in the consumer market. With the latest introduction of their bluetooth headset SBH series out there in the market, we could say that Sony has again provided consumers with a vast choice over quality, music and innovation. We recently got

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Amkette Truchat Boomer Wired Headset – Review

Amkette Truchat Boomer Wired Headset

Amkette Truchat Boomer Wired Headset is surprisingly a hi-quality headset from Ankette India. Amkette is very well known for its innovative and economic priced products in India. With its booming bass feature making the Headset bigger on audio and bigger on sound. The product is specially targetted for the music and gaming crowd. This wired headset

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Google anounces Android Kitkat as the next Android version – Android 4.4

Android KitKat mascot

Google has officially unveiled its next mobile operating system version to be called Android KitKat which is Android 4.4 in the versions number. Sundar Pichai who is the head of Android and Chrome has confirmed the news. So you might be wondering on the name “KitKat” ? Quite obviously what strikes in mind after hearing “KitKat” is

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Anniversary Special Giveaway – It is our Birthday

GizmoLord Anniversary Special

It was 2 years ago today landed its feet on the web to keep people updated with new technologies. It is been two years journey of our website and it has been very amazing. In these two years we reached new milestones and established improved and strong connections with leading tech communities.

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Sucuri – Improved web security and Malware cleanup service

Sucuri website security scanning monitoring service

Flashback: A year back when we were hosted on MDD Hosting server, a malware intruded to our WordPress admin directory. Although we secure the admin directory using a strong password combination, the malware seemed to be more tough than expected which modified a lot files in the WordPress core files and plugins making the site

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Flipkart Night Shopping – Heavy Discounts

Flipkart Night Shopping - Heavy Discounts

Flipkart is undoubtedly one of the most trusted online shopping site in India. Although Flipkart offers discounts on certain occassions, they do not provide additional discount via the use of coupon codes as compared to other shopping sites in India. Every e-shopper craves for shopping at Flipkart as the experience with Flipkart services are one of

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