5 Reasons why your ecommerce store will not bring enough conversions


Starting an ecommerce business is very fast, easy and quite simple way of earning.

In a modern age of competition, day job is not enough to meet the requirements of life hence people prefer to start some online business to do part time in order to earn more.

There are some drawbacks of ecommerce business too. Many new entrepreneurs failed in the beginning of their business because they take it too easy. Always remember no matter what you are doing, it demands dedication and hard work. And this dedication is definitely required to increase the conversion rate in any online business to make it successful.


In case you don’t know what conversion rate is let me tell you guys first. Your conversion rate is percentage of the people visiting your blog, who take the desired action. It means the people who are actually buying your product out of the numerous numbers of visitors. For example, if 100 people visit your website or blog daily and only 20 percent people actually buy something it means that your conversion rate is 20 percent. I hope it is clear now.

The main issue I am going to discuss in this article is, what are reasons because of which your ecommerce business failed to bring enough conversion? Let’s have a look on the article, figure out problem and try to make your ecommerce business a success with the best conversion rate.

Distracting landing page:

Well one of the most common reasons that your ecommerce business is not having much conversion is, you have over loaded landing page. It means that you have already put so much on your landing page, that it might be distracting the visitors. I know people want to put everything (ads, sidebar, banners, and etc) on their landing pages as it is first impression of your website or blog but do not add everything just to fill up the space. Your landing page must be simple and eye catchy with some necessary detail to grab the attention of visitor at once. See StyleWe as an example. It is clean yet very eye catchy.

If you think this is the reason why your blog is lacking conversion, go and get this issue fixed as soon as possible because

  • Adding too much on your landing page can slow it down.
  • Your page will look like one huge advertising platform
  • It can distract the clients.

Your Site Is Not Responsive:

Always remember that your landing page must be action oriented. Mostly ecommerce sites have action based landing pages in order to have better conversion rate. Action based landing page means that once someone visited your site, he may be able to subscribe or sign up easily. Most of the people are using internet through mobile and tablets these days as you know. So you must have a mobile responsive landing page in order to convert visitors into buyers quickly.

Wait, what? You don’t have mobile responsive landing page yet? Oh yes this is the main reason you are failing in your ecommerce business. Wait no more now, go and make your landing page mobile responsive now to make your ecommerce business a success. Remember 3 important points while designing a mobile responsive landing page:

  • The buttons shouldn’t be too small to use.
  • Make sure the text on your landing page is clearly readable on mobile or tablet screen
  • All the menu’s (drop down menu’s) should work properly on smart phone and tablets both.

  • Low Quality Photographs:

If you are selling something online, your customer has all the liberty to view product from every possible angle. Once they examined the product through photograph keenly, they decide whether it is suitable for their style or not. So you must remember that your website should consist up of high quality photographs taken from the best DSLR camera of your product. Not only products make sure that the models used are also appealing to eyes. You can’t force people to buy the product if you have an ordinary pixilated picture.  So go now, keenly examine the pictures present on your website and replace them some good quality stuff in order to increase the conversion rate.

  • Weak Product Descriptions:

So only improving the photograph quality would not be enough. The description of your product also matters a lot. I once heard that when you touch something, the desire of buying that product is being increased suddenly. In ecommerce you can’t touch the product but the strong description can make a customer feel like he is holding it. The unsatisfying product description with broken spellings, wrong grammar, poor punctuation will definitely affect the credibility of your website. Always focus on what you are offering your visitors.

  • Badly designed Online Store:

Imagine if you are walking in a mall, and everything there is disorganized. The first thought in your mind would be leaving this mall as soon as possible. Same is the case with online store. If your online store is badly designed, it might irritate your visitor. Visitors might face difficulty in finding the product they are actually looking for and will leave your website eventually. So it is very important to well design your online store. Categorize things carefully, add price tags, and mention the discounts separately. Well designed online store can grab the client attention at once.

No matter if you are experienced or a newbie in the world of ecommerce you can still commit some silly mistakes. The above five reasons are very simple but does a lot of distractions. You Should avoid making these mistakes. I believe human being commits mistakes and that’s normal. I suggest you not to waste your time any more. Go give a quick review to website now, find out some flaws, See if your website is well designed or not. Fix some silly errors and earn more amount from ecommerce business. Hope this article will be helpful for you in the future too.