5 Best Photoshop like Editors in 2018


The Photoshop online free application is developed for the use of editing photos to our self-interest and making them more attractive by designing it. These photos become the best features to be stored as a good memory and can be seen ever. There are many applications developed to feature the photos taken and make them a beautiful image with various editing tools involved in it.

Standard Software

We all know about Adobe Photoshop and it is one of the standard Photoshop application developed for editing the photos with the use of many creative designs. The enhancement of photos through these tools makes it the natural way of having the image in a genuine way.


The best Photoshop online free applications should have the automatic tools available in the set of features and also they require manual editing tools to make creative designs involved in it. Making the photo to our best creation is easier through these tools and there are many alternatives developed to make the sensible photo editing process in a simpler way.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The standard tool that comes with a touch screen friendly package is Adobe Photoshop Express and then there are many features available in this application. The industry standard application supports all the mainly used browsers and can also be downloaded in both Windows and Android.

Features of Adobe

The main features of Adobe Photoshop Express include user-friendly nature, having a wide variety of good-looking filters, sliders involved to manage the contrast and white balance of the photo including automatic and manual editing options to make the user feel better using it. This application initially supported desktop version and is well-versed among people using it.


There are many alternative Photoshop free tools available to make use of a variety of features involved in those tools and the most common and highly used Photoshop substitute is GIMP. This application is more flexible and can be used widely without any issues. This tool allows customization of photos making the photos look more powerful.

Features of GIMP

The extraordinary features of GIMP include support plugins with the option of customizing layers, masks, advanced filters, colour adjustment and transformations which are easily edited and scripts which can be pre-installed in the application. The animation tools of GIMPS make the photo editing tool more interesting feature.

Photos POS Pro

This Photos POS pro is one of the alternative photo editing tools used to make the photo look more finished and clear with odd designs. The Photos POS pro allows both automatic and manual editing Photoshop free tools to be used in photos, where the plugins of the photos are designed in the types of frames and templates where the size of the images can be altered.


The Paint.NET tool is designed to act as a substitute for Microsoft Paint application to enable more additional features added to customize the photo. This application supports layers and the user-friendly application makes the work of photo editing at a faster rate by the use of quick access tabs involved in it.

Pixlr Editor

The Pixlr editor is one of the Photoshop online free editing tool designed with layers and masks and also with different types of style tools available. This is the only app developed for supporting layers in both desktop and mobile app and the use of Autodesk of this tool makes the photo design to be developed as in 3D modelling software which is more impressive.

The Android and mobile Photoshop online free applications are emerging and various inbuilt features are developed in the Photoshop application to make the photo designed with more enhancements.