4 Local SEO Tips for your Toronto Business

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Does your Toronto business serve a local market?  Local markets are your town, city or suburb.  If you do, acquiring a good search engine optimization presence in the search results is very important to grow leads, particularly following the latest change in Google’s search results page.

When researching a business or service, google is usually the first place that people turn.  In fact 4 out of 5 consumers find local information using search engines, according to google.

Additionally, 50 percent of in-store visits inside one day are the result of mobile searches.  Below are some tips to help you with your local SEO Toronto efforts.

Google’s Local Pack


First let’s define what a google local pack is.  This is often referred to as a local SEO search results or a local pack. These are local listings that are organic. Google’s local pack recently has made a change from displaying 7 results to only 3.  Many companies have been forced to implement Google’s Pay-per-Click program in order to stay on top of the search results because of this change.  Others have been forced to improve their local SEO efforts.

The Front End Work


Before starting your citation and link-building campaigns, you’ll be dealing with a lot of front end work on your website.  This is especially true if you want to get ranked high in the local pack.  If you’re looking to rank in the local pack, initially you want to focus more on consistent NAP, a strong Google business profile and local citations and less on link-building.  Which brings us too:

NAP -Name – Address – Phone Number


When your NAP is consistent, search engines will recognize you as a real business that has a real phone number and a real address.  They won’t see you as a spammy link builder that is looking to drive more traffic by adding fake locations.


citation needed

When another website references your company, that’s considered a citation and it’s different than a backlink.  For instance, your business listing in the Yellow Pages or Yelp serves as a citation. There is hundreds or even thousands of sites that you can get citations at no cost.  A site known as Knowem is a good example to get a list of web sites where you can gather up citations.  It matters where you get your citations since google is big on relevance, therefore, if you run a therapeutic business you want to be listed in therapeutic directories.  In addition to directories your profiles on social media sites can also serve as citations.  These are known as social citations and google knows the difference between the two.  Even though your listings on Twitter, Google My Business and Facebook are a great start you still have access to hundreds of other social networking sites that you’ll be able to list your business for free.