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3CX Mobile Device Manager - GizmoLord3CX Mobile Device Manager : Since smartphones started getting more and more smarter, the risks and complications associated with the use of them also increased drastically. Today, smartphones are acting as the center of all personal and business communications. Business people have started using mobile devices for storing, sharing and even processing confidential data. Even if you are using your mobile device solely for personal use, there is a lot of private information on the device that you don’t want to lose, or gotten into the wrong hands. The risks associated with a lost smartphone are far more dangerous than you can imagine. In this scenario, it becomes a necessity to have the power to manage your smartphone or tablet over the air. That would mean a service that can manage your device even if it’s not physically with you or got stolen. I personally used many such services and to be honest, they all let me down.

3CX Mobile Device Manager

Recently, I stumbled upon a service called 3CX Mobile Device Manager. It has a lot of features that I couldn’t find in similar services that I have used. The whole thing literally works like a charm. And the best part is, you don’t even need to have an internet connection on your device to perform certain important tasks like changing the password or locking the device. All you have to do is install their client application on your iOS or Android device. I’ll sum up everything you need to know about 3CX mobile device manager below.

3CX Mobile Device Manager: What is it?

3CX Mobile Device Manager is a hosted mobile device management service. It let’s you have full control over your mobile device with important data protection, tracking and much more. Businesses can secure their devices, monitor the usage and movement of them and manage apps and data on all the connected devices. It has a user friendly online dashboard where you manage your mobile device.

What can you use it for:

Secure your data

With all the confidential information that mobile devices handle now, you simply cannot afford to lose your data to someone who might misuse it. Many surveys have shown that $8 million worth of mobile devices go missing everyday. So, that explains the severity of the loss, but the loss of data cannot be counted in money. 3CX Mobile Device Manager uses google maps on their online dashboard  to help you recover them. It is simply the most intuitive thing I noted about their service. With this , you can locate and recover the device. It is also possible to lock or wipe all the data on the device remotely to prevent unauthorized use. One of the great features is that it works without an internet connection.

Manage Apps on Android Connected Devices

3CX Mobile Device Manager gives you complete control over your apps, it let’s you see the apps installed on each of your devices. If in case you find an unwanted app, it’s easy to have it uninstalled from the device. There is also a feature that let’s you deploy apps remotely to any number of connected devices simultaneously. This would save a lot of time since you would have to manually do it to each android device without this feature. Private apps such as betas or corporate apps need
not to be uploaded to play store or any other public marketplaces first.

Detect Malware-Infected Apps and Remove Them Remotely

Malwares are on the rise, nowadays you can’t install an app without being super-careful. Still they manage to get in despite of all the safe practices you follow. Studies show that android platform is the main target of malware creators. A malware that got into your smartphone is capable of stealing your confidential data or doing many more harmful things. But with 3CX Mobile Device Manager installed, you can monitor your devices
for infected apps and have them removed remotely. This in fact is a tedious task to do even while you have physical access to the device, mobile device manager does it like a breeze though.

Find and Track Mobile Devices

3CX Mobile Device Manager  not only helps you recover lost devices, but also let’s you see their location in real time making it easier for companies to track their employees. What more, it is even possible to track the device movement over a period of time. Companies can make use of this facility to direct their employees to the best path possible. The online interface for tracking is equipped with google maps and works like a charm.

Signing Up For 3CX Mobile Device Manager

Signing up for 3CX Mobile Device Manager is very easy and should only take a few minutes, simply head over to www.mobiledevicemanager.com. You can then get the 3CX MDM client for your respective devices from the site too. The company is also said to be rolling out many more features to service.

Here is a detailed information on the registration and application working process:

When you signup at mobiledevicemanager.com website, you will receive a mail at your mentioned email address with a confirmation link inside the mail. Clicking on the confirmation link will land you up to the Administrator login page where you will need to enter the username, email address and the password you set during signup. This is how the landing page will look like:

3CX Mobile Device Manager - GizmoLord

As you log into the service, a popup will ask you to register the new device to the service. You can anyway skip the process here.

You will need to download the mobile client into your smartphone.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

As I have an Android smartphone, I will demonstrate how the 3CX Mobile Device Manager client looks like on my smartphone.

3CX Mobile Device Manager - GizmoLord

When you click on the “Login” button, the application will ask for Account name where you will need to mention your username which you registered at mobiledevicemanager.com Sign up page.

3CX Mobile Device Manager - GizmoLord

As soon as you login with your Account name, you will be asked with Device Administrator and Google Calendar permission pages where you will have to “Accept” it.

The next step you have to do is “Accept the pending device approval” by logging into the web dashboard of 3CX Mobile Device Manager and on the “pending approval” list, you will see your connected device details which you will need to approve.

3CX Mobile Device Manager - GizmoLord

Alright, you are done with the registration and setup process. Now you are ready to explore the services offered by 3CX Mobile Device Manager.

Verdict: 3CX Mobile Device Manager is a perfect application for someone looking for integrated control and security of their smartphone anywhere in the world. We give 4.5 out of 5 stars for this pretty good security application.

Sign up for your Free 5 device account here : Register 3CX Mobile Device Manager